The Winchester Round Table

In previous years it had been widely regarded and venerated as the table used by the legendary Nights of Camelot. It is now quite certain that it was constructed in the late 13th centaury.

The art work on the table we see today was commissioned by King Henry VIII. The picture of Arthur is a painting of King Henry VIII as an old man. He could then say to his guests “look how far back my lineage goes , right back to Arthur can’t you see the resemblance?”

The table now has the appearance of a dart board. The troops of Cromwell who overthrew the rule of the Monarchy in Britain apparently used the artefact for target practice in 1645. The holes were later filled and it was repainted in 1789.

The table is constructed from English oak.. It measures 5.5 metres in diameter and weighs 1200kg.

In Robert Wace's Roman de Brut (1155) we hear that Arthur seated his knights at a round table so that all should be equal and none should have precedence over another.

The Winchester Round Table
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