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Dinas Bran

Castle Dinis Bran is situated in dramatic settings; sat high on a rugged, menacing hillock overlooking the Dee Valley and the busy town of Llangollen in North Wales. It is a highly defensible and strategic position. With wide reaching views of the surrounding area, the position allows quick warning of approaching visitors and hostile forces.

Legend has it that a silver harp or a grail is buried beneath Dinas Bran. It is told that only a boy with a white dog and a silver eye can find the treasure.

Castle Dinas Bran is considered by some to be the inspiration behind the Grail castle.

Dinas Bran is associated with the Grail castle through the name Corbenic. Corbenic in the French language is an old word meaning crow or raven. Bran is the Welsh word for raven. So Dinas Bran is basicaly a Welsh version of the French name Corbenic.

Corbenic is the site of the Grail Castle in Arthurian Legend; the mysterious castle where the grail is guarded by the Grail Kings.

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