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Llyn Llydaw
Llyn Llydaw

Llyn Llydaw is one of the many beautiful lakes in the snowdonian mountains of  North Wales. It lies at the foot of  mount Snowdon from which the summit offers spectacular views of the lake and it’s surroundings. Lyyn Lyydaw is one of the lakes that it is said Sir Bedivere threw Excalibur into at Arthur's request after his fatal wounds at the battle of Camlan.. Some legends also say Llyn Llydaw, is the one over which the wounded Arthur sailed to the Isle of Avalon.

Whether Sir Bedivere could have travelled easily to such a remote lake is questionable. However it is certainly a location that captures the beauty and majesty of such a scene and it’s secluded nature definitely adds to the mystery befitting an encounter with the Lady of  the Lake.
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