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Dozermy Pool

High on Bodmin Moor south of the Cornish town of Bolventor is Cornwall's only natural inland lake, Dozermy Pool.
According to local Legend it is this site that is the home of the Lady of the Lake. According to the legend, it is here on the soulfull waters of Dozermy Pool that  King Arthur rowed out to the Lady of the Lake and received the sword Excalibur. It was into these same waters that Excalibur was eventually cast by Sir Bedivere. After three attempts to relinquish the sword, he at last managed to complete King Arthur's request and cast it into the lake. The Legend states that an arm rose from the surface of the waters, caught the sword and Excalibur was taken back into the lake.

At the Battle of Camlan Arthur was mortally wounded. Slaughter Bridge near the River Cam is a possible location for the Battle of Camlann, it is only ten miles away from Dozmary Pool. The area also has other Arthurian links; Tintagel and Kilbury castle are also nearby. The proximity of these sites adds weight to the claim that Dozermy pool was the lake into which the kings sword was thrown.
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