Callington is a small town in mid east Cornwall close to the Devon border it lies between Dartmoor to the east and Bodmin Moor to the west. Callington has been identified by some Cornish researchers from 1816 onwards as being a possible location for the ancient site of Celliwig.

Celliwig, Kelliwic or Gelliwic, is mentioned in the early Welsh Texts as the Court of King Arthur. It is easy to see how the word Celliwig over time could have transformed into the word Camelot. Celliwig is mentioned in the Welsh tale Culhwch and Olwen which may date from the 11th century. The tale places Celliwig in Cernyw the Celtic name for Cornwall. There is no real description of the court but the the story hints at a place of great splendour. It describes how Arthur's warriors had extensive views from Celliwig as we hear:

"From here, one of his Warband, Drem, could see a gnat as far away as Scotland; while another, Medyr, could shoot an arrow through the legs of a wren in Ireland!"

This description indicates a location with far reaching views. A mile to the north East of  Callington lies Kit Hill, Kit Hill offers expansive, panoramic views of the surrounding lands of Devon and Cornwall. You can see the highest peaks of Dartmoor, Yes Tor and High Willhays to the East and to the West the highest peak of Bodmin Moor, Brown Willy. You can see many miles to the North and it offers excellent views of the Tamar River mouth and Plymouth to the South .
Kit Hill stands over 300 feet above sea-level. The extensive views from its summit make this location an ideal spot for defending a King and his lands from advancing armies into Cornwall and South West Britain.
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